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Nathalie Schipper

Executive Administrator nathalie@adriaanandryan.com

About Me

Born in Chilliwack, Nathalie then moved to Vancouver at the age of 16. She immediately fell in love with the city life- for its vibrant energy, cultural diversity, and welcoming heart, and she can safely say she is as much in love with this city now as she was the day she moved.

Of everything this city has to offer it is the diverse range of people that Nathalie loves most.  Nathalie thrives in customer service and after 6 years in the hospitality and healthcare industry, she decided she wanted to start a career in the Real Estate- an industry where building strong relationships with people is at the very heart.

Nathalie is surrounded by a team that shares one ethos: Real Estate is about people not property. She has been a part of the team for the last 7 years and by listening and learning from each other and their clients they have built a powerful, accomplished unit, which is industry leading.

In addition, Nathalie launched and operates her own property management company. This has Nathalie the opportunity to work with her clients year-round, and she prides herself on ensuring all of her clients have a smooth day-today experience with their largest investments.

Nathalie enjoys an active lifestyle- and living in Yaletown gives her the perfect excuse to cycle the sea wall regularly (there’s nothing like an English Bay sunset!).  We’re surrounded by a truly beautiful environment and whenever she can, Nathalie heads out to immerse herself in nature- an opportunity we are so lucky to have right on our doorstop. After all that it’s time for a glass of wine, a thought provoking documentary and quality time with friends and family.

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